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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Arto Mässeli28/Male/Finland Group :iconthe-lusty-seapony-rp: The-Lusty-Seapony-RP
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Walking in the rain by Nyarmarr

Holey smokes... best sisters looking their best (yes, they totally look their best with their manes less curly). You do have quite some...


Diagnosis: Bun in the Oven by FoxOFWar
Diagnosis: Bun in the Oven
I have no idea. Possibly based on the last episode or something. And I just wanted to draw a silly, poofy Cadence.

Go stalk somepony who updates more than thrice a year, nothing to see here.

Cadence, Those Confounded Ponies (c) Hasbro.
Meteorite (Commission) by FoxOFWar
Meteorite (Commission)
Commission for rytel-prinny, his character Meteorite, an earth pone with strong head and stronger stomach. Many a time she has been a friend of my characters at :iconthe-lusty-seapony-rp:, many a fun scene happened. (Except an eating contest we shall not speak about. That never happened.)

I was given a free reign on what kind of dress she'd be wearing, so let's hope it is good.

H2 penciling, inked, Promarkers - the usual.

Meteorite (c) her owner, Those Confounded Ponies (c) Hasbro.
Cadence in armor by FoxOFWar
Cadence in armor
...mostly, just don't ask. I felt like drawing epic anthro, armored Princess Cadence.

So I did.

To be fair, that was months ago. This was sitting ready to be inked since like before xmas, just got around to finishing it tonight.

(H2 pencil, inks, bolder inks, Promarkers, finished in PShop)

Princess Cadence, Those Confounded Ponies (c) Hasbro.
Them Trans* Pokemon by FoxOFWar
Them Trans* Pokemon
So, uh. Um. I saw this:…

And I have been playing way too much pokémon lately.

And let's not even get to just how much trans* blogs I follow.


So this happened.

Fawnown is the first form, as it is for a lot us: not having a damn clue where on gender spectrum you reside, trying to decide where you are while the outside world treats you like a Fairy and yet managing to be afraid of you like a Ghost. Feeling way too visible and way too invisible at the same time.

Transgendeer changes the Ghost to Fire. In my experience the trans people I know/follow are some of the most fiery individuals I know. (Also I am biased as Fire is one of my favourite types in pokemon...). Evolution happens when the confidence is grown and you can be yourself. Or in game terms, evolution via happiness ;D

The good ol' round of 'H2 pencil -> inks -> Promarkers -> Photoshop' was used in making.
Rarity, Reckoner of Souls by FoxOFWar
Rarity, Reckoner of Souls
As people who know me can tell, I play quite a bit of Commander/EDH in Magic the Gathering. 'quite a bit' here having the meaning of 'probably too much'.

I also like Tariel, Reckoner of Souls (…) mechanically and want to play it - problem is that I can't stand the art. So after a bit of research and pondering, I decided to do my own art for it.

So, heh, have an alicorn Rarity being all judge, jury and executioner. Or something.

H2 pencil sketch, inked & Promarker coloured, then scanned, backgrounded and tidied up in Photoshop.

MtG is owned by Wizards of the Coast, which in turn is a subsidiary of Hasbro, who also owns Those Confounded Ponies and therefore Rarity.
Our plans for Galacon kind of fell through - all of a sudden we had no means of travel there. Won't go into details, but this just means I won't be coming to Galacon with the Rarity fursuit.

There, however, is a very good certainty about two Finnish cons I will be going this year still: Ropecon at the end of July, then Tracon in September - and at least in Tracon we'll be ponysuiting if you for some reason want to catch us.

Other things... hum, heh, not much. Continuing rp'ing at, continuing to be a horrible procrastinator about arting, continuing making yet more EDH decks in MtG... you know, the usual.
  • Listening to: Weird Al Yankovic - I Think I'm a Clone Now
  • Reading: RP logs and ponyfics
  • Watching: People looking at me oddly for cosplaying ponies
  • Playing: Not a whole lot of anything.
  • Eating: *burp*
  • Drinking: too much Pepsi Max


FoxOFWar's Profile Picture
Arto Mässeli
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a crazed furry/transformation/pony artist with a nice side dish of costume stuff. I'm a gamer, roleplayer, nerd, bookworm, pokemon and pony fan, sarcastic Finn, animation nerd.

Current Residence: In the dark forests of Finland
Favourite genre of music: Nearly anything.
Operating System: Depends on the computer.
MP3 player of choice: Foobar
Wallpaper of choice: Something funny and/or furry and/or pony.
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Personal Quote: "The Truth is out there somewhere, so it's better stay inside, right?"

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If you need ideas, you can always ask me. I always have too much of those, but little to no will to realize them.
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Ideas? I have plenty of those. Inspiration to draw? Kiiinda been nonexistent lately. That said, proceeding to upload a picture right now ;)
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Very nice pony costume!  If you are on Facebook, feel free to drop by the MLP Fursuit group to share pics and talk about your costume!…
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